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All entry tickets will be read electronically at the festival gates. You can only enter once a day with your festival ticket so that the natural park of Ruissalo does not get overly strained by traffic.

Please note that neither the event organizer nor the ticket retailers are responsible for lost tickets and you cannot return or change ticket after purchase.

We reserve the right to make changes.


Payment Methods


You can start buying Ruisrock tickets directly on this page and you will be transferred to the Tiketti online shop to finish your order. Available delivery methods are electronic tickets by email or sms, mail delivery, or pick up from Tiketti outlet or R-kioski.


Tickets can be ordered from Tiketti online shop, Tiketti outlets or by phone on 0600-1-1616, open Mon - Sun 9am-9pm (1.78 eur/ min + local network fee).



Tickets can be ordered from Lippupiste online shop, Tiketti outlets or by phone on 0600 900 900 (1,98 €/min + local network fee)



Tickets can be ordered from Lippupalvelu online shop, Tiketti outlets or by phone on 0600 10 800 (1,98€/min + local network fee)



Ruiskioskilta voi hankkia festariliput ilman toimitusmaksuja ja lisäksi paikan päältä saa vastauksia Ruisrock-aiheisiin kysymyksiin ja tärppejä, mitä Ruissalossa kannattaa festivaalin aikana tehdä. Ruiskioski avautuu tänä vuonna lauantaina 16.5.

Kioskilla on myynnissä kaikki Ruisrockin lipputyypit: 3, 2 ja 1 päivän pääsyliput, VIP-liput, Ruisrock+ -liput sekä Artukainen campingin leirintäliput. Lisäksi kioski myy festivaaliviikolla kolmen päivän bussilippuja festivaalibussiin hintaan 15 euroa. Kaikkia bussilippuja saa myös käteisellä suoraan busseista.

Kioskilla käyvät maksuvälineinä käteinen, pankkikortti, Visa Electron, Maestro, debit- ja kredit-kortit (Visa ja Mastercard), Tiketin lahjakortti, Virikesetelit, Tyky-Kuntoseteli+, Smartum liikunta- ja kulttuurisetelit, Smartum Saldo -kortti, Kulttuuripassi, Wellness Wallet, Ticket Mind&Body -kortti sekä Ticket Duo -kortti.

Ruiskioski on avoinna:

Arkisin klo 11-18
Lauantaisin klo 10-15
Sunnuntaisin Suljettu

Festivaaliviikonloppuna Ruiskioski on avoinna:

Perjantaina 3.7. klo 10-21
Lauantaina 4.7. klo 11-21
Sunnuntaina 5.7. klo 11-19

Vaatemerkki JULJAN Ruisrockille suunnittelemat festivaalituotteet ovat myynnissä kioskilla. Tuotteita on rajoitettu määrä. Ruisrock <3 JULJA -malliston toppi 20 euroa ja reppu 25 euroa. Lisäksi myynnissä on aiempien vuosien Ruisrock-tuotteita. 

Ruiskioski sijaitsee Turun Kauppatorilla Aurakadun ja Yliopistonkadun kulmassa.



Culture vouchers

You may purchase your Ruisrock presale tickets also with culture vouchers and cards. Please note that the culture benefits cannot be used on VIP or Ruisrock+ tickets as the VIP ticket includes food and other things not covered by the benefit.

Check the websites of the ticket sellers to find out which culture benefits are accepted by each ticket outlet.


Archipelago Sea tickets

Take part in protecting the Finnish Archipelago Sea: purchase the 3 euros more expensive Archipelago Sea ticket – the price difference is given in full to The Protection Fund for the Archipelago Sea (Money collection permit POL-2014-2116). Money collection recipient: Centrum Balticum fund. Active between 1.10.2014-30.9.2016 in the whole country, excluding Åland Islands.

In the summer of 2011, Ruisrock began cooperating with the Protection Fund for the Archipelago Sea. The idea was simple: when purchasing a Ruisrock ticket, you are given an option to support the Fund’s important efforts stop the eutrophication of the archipelago sea. As a result of the positive feedback, the collaboration is going to continue also this year and there is a search going on to find a name project for Ruisrock.


Age limits

Ruisrock is an all age event but we recommend that under 12-year-olds arrive in the company of adults.

Under 7-year-olds are allowed for free in the company of an adult with a festival ticket.


Over 70-year-olds

Over  70-year-olds are free to join Ruisrock for free and can also travel from Turku city center to the festival area on the water bus transportation. Everyone who turns 70 this year is regarded over 70-year-olds and are thus welcome to the festival for free. You can get your senior ticket by showing your ID in the Ruisrock accreditation point in Turku city center at Radisson Blu Marina Palace hotel at the second floor lobby. The hotel’s address is Linnankatu 32. You do not have to reserve your tickets or inform about your arrival in advance.  

The accreditation point opening hours will be published later this spring.

If you are over 70 years old and require an assistant to aid you at the festival, you have to contact the festival office in advance. The office goes through the requests individually. Please send info about your need of assistance to or call the Ruisrock offices in  + 358 44 9661384.




A limited edition of Ruisrock VIP tickets are now available in Tiketti from 402,50 euros

The VIP ticket includes:

- Your personal VIP festival pass
- A water bus transportation from the Turku city center to the festival area and back
- Entry at Ruisrock festival
- Entry to the VIP area at Ruisrock (with private bars and toilet facilities)
- A quality buffet dining at the VIP area once a day
- A Ruisrock 2014 fabric bag


Purchasing the ticket

The Ruisrock VIP tickets are now available in Tiketti. Ticket vendors' service and delivery fees are added to the ticket prices. You can buy your ticket here. The VIP tickets cannot be purchased with culture vouchers as they include food that isn’t part of the culture benefit.

Every VIP ticket buyer will get an e-mail with instructions on how to use your VIP ticket.  The e-mail will be send two weeks before the festival at the latest.

Age limit

The age limit for VIP and Ruisrock+ tickets is 18 years. Under 12-year-olds arriving in the company of their parents are allowed to the VIP area. Under 7-year-olds are allowed for free in the company of an adult with a festival ticket, older children need to have a ticket. Everyone’s ages will be checked when the festival passes will be collected at the accreditation point.  Please note that the water busses arrive to an alcohol licensed area and that the whole VIP area is also an alcohol licensed area.

Collecting your VIP tickets

Remember to take your ID with you, the VIP pass will only be given for an ID and the Tiketti presale ticket. Your private VIP pass and wrist band as well as the meal tickets (1 per day) for your VIP buffet dining can be collected at the accreditation point that is located on the second floor of the Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel. The hotel’s address is Linnankatu 32 and it’s situated in the Turku city center.

The VIP pass and the wrist band will not be delivered in advance and the mere ticket does not allow entry to the festival area or aboard the water bus.  Everyone has to collect their private VIP passes and wrist bands for themselves. The VIP ticket is named and personal. In case you will not be able to attend Ruisrock, you can change the ticket holder’s name to another. In such a case, please contact: The ticket cannot be returned.

The option to change the ticket holder’s name is only viable for advance tickets purchased in Tiketti. The VIP passes that have been acquired through accreditation cannot be renamed.

Water bus transportation

The water bus ride for VIP ticket holders carries from the Turku city center to the festival area. The water bus transportation leaves from Aurajoki river approximately 600 meters from hotel Marina Palace. The pier can be reached from hotel Marina Palace by walking away from town centre along the river and crossing the river either via Myllysilta bridge or Martinsilta bridge. The pier is located next to Martinsilta bridge. The address is Itäinen Rantakatu 46. The Ruisrock VIP pass is required to board the water bus and there is a security check before boarding.

The water busses arrive to the festival area to the alcohol licensed area at the end of the cape down the beach. The water busses also leave the festival from the alcohol licensed area.

Bringing alcohol to the water busses and to the festival area is not allowed. When boarding the water bus, all passengers will be security checked. Find the list of forbidden items and more information on security on the Safety page.

The VIP area

The Ruisrock VIP area is an alcohol licensed area. Please read more about the age limits in Age limit section above. The area is located in the center of the festival, in the surroundings of the wooden Paviljonki building. The VIP guests have a private VIP bar with full alcohol licenses, private toilets and a lot of sitting space both inside and outside. The concerts from Rantalava stage are visible from the area. The valid payment methods at the VIP area are cash and most cards. The VIP area can be entered only with a VIP festival pass.

The VIP Buffet

Every VIP ticket includes dining at the VIP buffet once a day.  You will be given your meal tickets to the buffet at the accreditation point together with your VIP festival pass.